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May workday will be Sat. 5/14 at 8AM Details here

Wilderness Fun Run/Walk was held Sat. Apr. 16, 2016 Details here

Apr Workday was Sat. 4/9 Details here

Mar Workday was held Sat. 3/12 Details here

Feb Workday was held Sat. 2/13 Details here

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Jan 2014 Freeze at Hurst Creek Waterfall
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May Workday

Upcoming Events
  • Sat. May 14th FOP workday 8AM
  • Summer break June, July and August
  • Need volunteers for the 4th of July Parade, contact Patrick McDermott
    Chairman of Lakeway FOP 512-569-5509

Visit the FOP website at for more information.
Lake Travis is full!!! (click to enlarge)

Lake Travis shoreline at City Park

The May workday is Saturday May 14th starting at 8AM. Please park at the upper parking lot at the Pavilon to sign-up for volunteer opportunities. Bring your work gloves and sun screen!

City Park
Trimming along trails and shoreline debris clean-up

Descent trail work and trimming trails near the buzzard tower

Hamilton Greenbelt
Repair trail erosion and remove debris from bridge at Palos Verde trailhead



Upcoming Events
  • Sat. Apr. 9th FOP workday 8AM
  • Sat. Apr. 16th Wilderness Fun Run/Walk Details here

Bluebonnets (click to enlarge)

Some bluebonnets
April Workday Projects
Please meet at 8AM at the City Park Pavilion on Sat. April 9 for volunteer opportunities. Bring work gloves.
City Park Project: George Ferrie will be leading a group to trim brush and grass along the various trails in City Park.
Canyonlands Project: Dar Moneyhon will lead a group of trailbuilders to the new descent trail into the canyon.
Hamilton Greenbelt Project Tony Mataya and Jim Dunn will lead several groups into the HGB I and II to police the trails in preparation for the Wilderness Run/Walk the following weekend.
Lunch TBA


Upcoming Events
  • Fri. Mar. 4th Hamilton Greenbelt Entrance was closed, read the City of Lakeway's news release
  • Sat. Mar. 12th FOP workday 8AM
  • SAVE THE DATE Sat. Apr. 16th Wilderness Fun Run/Walk

Visit the FOP website at for more information.
Early March Indian Paintbrush (click to enlarge)

Indian Paintbrush
March Workday Projects
Over 24 volunteers arrived at the Pavilon in City Park at 8AM for work project assignments on Sat. March 12th.

Workday photos click here!
City Park : Bernie lead a good sized group trimming and cleaning along the trails and fences. Elmer and a few others trimmed on the upper Challenge Trail. Elmer is headed north and will return to Lakeway this fall.
City Park crew (click to enlarge)

The City Park clean-up crew lead by Bernie Reding
Hamilton Greenbelt : George Ferrie lead a crew working on the trails doing trimming and maintenance. Bob Schooler lead a second crew that planted 54 Turks Cap at several locations in HGB I and II. The transplanting group consisted of Shirley, Dick, Dave, Mireille, Tom and Bob.

submitted by Bob Schooler
Hamilton Greenbelt Turk's Cap crew (click to enlarge)

Hamilton Greenbelt Turk's Cap crew Shirley, Dick, Dave, Mireille, Tom and Bob
Canyonlands : Dar Moneyhon lead a crew that planted 36 Turks Cap along the Canyonland trails.  
Lunch : The rain stopped and sun broke through for a glorious day for our workday/picnic. Chicken Spaghetti casserole was provided by Clareve and WC Enmon. Lynn Moore brought garlic bread and Judy provided the salad. Desserts came from Sheryl Kelly, Doris McDermott, Donna Ferrie and Carlisle Pearson. Thanks all, for another good menu.
submitted by Judy Hazen
FOP Lunch chefs (click to enlarge)

Chicken Spaghetti casserole was provided by Clareve and WC Enmon
Letter to the Editor

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing this as an editorial to the dog walkers of the Hamilton Greenbelt who do not pick up after their dogs.

We moved here a year and a half ago and I was thrilled when I discovered the Hamilton Greenbelt and it’s miles of pristine pathways. What a gracious gift to the city! But I have a problem. It appears that many of the walkers do not pick up after their dogs. In fact, some choose to leave their bags for someone else to pick up! Yesterday, I actually saw a bag under a rock with the poop next to it! Just who do you assume should perform this task? I believe the City of Lakeway has enough to do to keep up the park. The Friends of the Park also provide much needed assistance in maintaining the pathways, etc., but it is not their job to pick up your bags! Is it my place to pick up after your dog or someone else’s? I think not.

I was fortunate to walk the Wisconsin State Park paths for three months last Summer. Not only did I not see one single poop on the paths, but not even one bag left for pick up. Do Wisconsin patrons have more appreciation of their parks than we Texans? I thought Austin was the epitome of ecological safe guarding!

Please think about what you are doing or not doing. Dog owners have the responsibility of taking care of their pets and that includes cleaning up after them. We should all be so thankful to have these paths to walk every day. Let’s do our civic duty and pick up after our own dogs. It certainly will make for more beautiful parks and enjoyable walks and help our environment at the same time.

Thank you,
Debbie Thomas


Upcoming Events
  • Sat. Feb. 13th FOP workday 8AM
  • Sat. Feb. 27th Firewise workday from 8:30-11:30AM at Rebel Park, please sign-up here
  • Mon. Mar. 7th FOP board meeting at LAC starting at 6:30PM
  • Sat. Apr. 16th Wilderness Fun Run/Walk

Visit the FOP website at for more information.
Gary is excited about the birding blind (click to enlarge)

Gary Evensen is excited about the birding blind project on HGB II near the Palos Verde trailhead.
February Workday Projects
Thirty-three volunteers were on hand at the Pavilon in City Park at 8AM to signup for the several workday projects.

Workday photos click here!
Thirty-three volunteers gather at City Park (click to enlarge)

Thirty-three volunteers gather at City Park for work assignments.
City Park

The workday started with Elmer cutting up three downed trees. The rest of the crew stacked the cut-up trees near the trail for later pick up. Elmer and Shirley then moved to the Canyonlands trailhead for more chain saw work.

The rest of the crew consisting of Tom Smith, Steve and Sheryl Kelly, Mireille Kirmse, Lorraine Tallent, Dennis Gans and Bernie Reding moved to the south end of the upper trail where they removed undergrowth among the trees and stacked it for pick up by the City.

submitted by Bernie Reding

Wayne and Kathy King worked in the Butterfly Garden. March will be a busy thing for planting in the garden so the butterflies will enjoy their visit to City Park.
Steve, Sheryl, Dennis, Lorraine and Mireille (click to enlarge)

Steve and Sheryl Kelly, Dennis Gans, Lorraine Tallent and Mireille Kirmse with FOP's brush removal tools. Not shown are Tom Smith and Bernie Reding. Photo by Bernie Reding.

Bob Schooler lead a group from the National Service League to spread wildflower seeds along the trails in Canyonland. When the seeds had been spread, Bob lead the group on several trails leading out to the confluence of two creeks.

submitted by Bob Schooler
National Service League volunteers at Canyonlands (click to enlarge)

National Service League volunteers at Canyonlands assisting Bob Schooler.

A group of six volunteers arrived at the Canyonlands trailhead entrance at Trophy Drive between the Lakeway Swim center and the Serene Hills Elementary school at 8:30.

The City of Lakeway had prepared the site by excavating the trail bed and lining two large "flower" beds with mortared white limestone rocks. The City of Lakeway also had dumped two piles of decomposed crushed granite

The work crew of George Ferrie, Gary Evensen, Mike Taylor, Dennis Brown, Bob Sauerman and Jim Dunn used wheelbarrows, shovels and rakes to move and spread a 4" layer of decomposed crushed granite at the start of the trail upwards to the first turn. A cedar rail/berm was built at that point to divert rain water off the newly surfaced trail. After the hand spreading and raking of the decomposed crushed granite, the team used a compactor tool provided by the City of Lakeway to firm up and stabilize the granite.

Later in the morning in the same area Dave Cross and Elmer Tyler arrived to trim back cedar trees away from live oak trees. They ended up with a big pile of cuttings.

submitted by Jim Dunn
Gary Evensen compacting granite at trailhead (click to enlarge)

Gary Evensen compacting decomposed crush granite at the Canyonlands trailhead.
It was a beautiful day for working and picnicking! We enjoyed chili with toppings, cornbread, veggies & dip, and a variety of desserts. Thank you Carlisle for the veggie tray, Marshi for your warm cornbread, Donna, Lynn and Ximena for cookies and brownies. I appreciated Ron and Lynn Moore (new members of FOP) for helping with serving and clean-up.....

submitted by Judy Hazen

Workday photos click here!
Veggies, cheese and various desserts (click to enlarge)

Lunch table set with veggies, cheese and various desserts.
HGB I Construction
As some of you were not aware of City’s plans for redoing the HGB I parking lot, I can give you what info I learned from Andra Dearing at Friday’s Garden Club meeting. She did say that the current parking lot would be closed for several months. Construction should start in March so public access to the parking lot will be closed for several months – well into fall. Parking will be available at the Justice Center and “the city” will make an access trail from that parking lot to cross the creek and link with trail which goes under the bridge and into the greenbelt. Since a bald cypress has been planted exactly where we used to put the registration tent, it probably would be good to move the registration area on down the trail as you had mentioned. Access to HGB from under the bridge would be closer to that area.

submitted by Judy Hazen

Pat had a meeting with Andra in December before I applied for a Special Event Permit for the Wilderness Run. She advised me of the pending construction at the Hamilton Green Belt parking lot and entrance. The documents submitted in support of the permit show that parking will be at the Justice Center and the Activity Center. Participants will enter Hamilton Green Belt along the trail leading from Smith Green Belt that passes under Lohmans Crossing. The tents and Start/Finish line will be at the opposite end of the current entrance to Hamilton Green Belt and away from the construction. The City approved our Permit.

submitted by Pat McDermott

Fri. Mar. 4th Hamilton Greenbelt Entrance will be closed, read the City of Lakeway's news release

Friends of the Parks is a group of citizens who enjoy the rewards of volunteer service in the parks and greenbelts areas of Lakeway. Monthly Saturday morning work sessions provide opportunities for all levels of service, whether it is tree maintenance, general cleanup or tending memorial gardens at City Park. A few of the hardier members help build and maintain hiking/biking trails in the Hamilton Greenbelts and the Canyonlands Natural Area. Still others provide food for our workday picnics. For information contact Bernie Reding 512-261-5633 or email Bernie

Friends of the Parks sponsors one annual community event which is the annual Wilderness Run/Walk event on the Hamilton Greenbelt trails on the third Saturday of April. The goal of this event is to encourage citizens to get out and enjoy the beauty of the greenbelts and parks of the City of Lakeway.

Friends of the Parks of Lakeway is a 501 (c) 3, Federal Tax Exempt Organization. Donations made to this organization may be tax deductible; check with your tax advisor.

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