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FOP 4th of July Parade volunteers needed Details here

May Workday was Sat. 5/9 Details here

Wilderness Run/Walk was held Sat. 4/18

Apr. Workday was held Sat. 4/11 Details here

Mar. Workday was held Sat. 3/14 Details here

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Jan 2014 Freeze at Hurst Creek Waterfall
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4th of July

Last call for Friends of the Parks members and family who would like to march in Lakeway's 40th annual 4th of July Parade with our FOP contingent. If you are interested please contact Dar Moneyhon via email or 512 261-3691 for details. Participation in the Parade will help publicize our organization and generate additional membership. Family members are also welcome to march in the Parade with us.

The FOP parade entry will be on a trailer loaded with workday equipment. A FOP banner will be carried by several volunteers and other people will hand out candy, wave flags and be ambassadors for our organization.

Submitted by Pat McDermott


Upcoming Events
  • Sat. May 9th FOP workday 8AM
  • Summer break June, July and August

Welcome to our new member
Emily Hauessler

Visit the FOP website at for more information.
Hurst Creek Waterfall (click to enlarge)

Hurst Creek Waterfall near Sailmaster entrance in the Hamilton Greenbelt.

May Workday Projects
Gather with us on Sat. 5/9 at the Pavilon in City Park at 8AM for work project assignments.

City Park Projects:
Trim and cleanup around the park - Bernie Reding
Spread mulch in the Butterfly Garden - Wayne King

Canyonlands Projects:
Rake and clear trails - Kelly Heath

HGB II Projects:
Erosion control - Bill Freas


17th Annual Wilderness Run was held Saturday April 28, 2014

About 53 runners/walkers participated in the Friends of the Parks of Lakeway sponsored Wilderness Run.

This year’s signature sponsors are: Eitel Group and Independent Bank.

Other sponsors are
The Enmon Family,
ExxonMobile Foundation,
Capital City Running,
Lakeway Dental Office,
John W. Brodnax, P.C.,
Lakeway Pool Maintenace,
Eaddy Dentistry P.A.,
Dr. Stacy E. Miller, Orthodontist,
Fifield Dental Center,
Randalls Food & Pharmacy,
Lakeway Dermatology,
The Lakeway Tutor and
Lakeway Eye Physicians and Surgeons PA

View the Race Course.

Pre Race Activities
2015 Wilderness Run collage by Fred Hazen (click to enlarge)   2015 Wilderness Run collage by Fred Hazen (click to enlarge)
2015 Wilderness Run collage by Fred Hazen (click to enlarge)   2015 Wilderness Run collage by Fred Hazen (click to enlarge)
2015 Wilderness Run collage by Fred Hazen (click to enlarge)


Upcoming Events
  • Sat. April 11th FOP workday 8AM
  • Sat. April 18th Wilderness Run/Walk at Hamilton Greenbelt I entrance, start time is 9AM
  • Mon. May 4th FOP board meetingt at LAC starting at 6:30PM
  • Sat. May 9th FOP workday 8AM

New members (sort of)
Janet Wright
Bob and Gayle Leonard
Lorraine Tallent

Visit the FOP website at for more information.
Mother/Daughter teams join with FOP on workday (click to enlarge)

Mother/Daughter teams join with FOP on workday

April Workday Projects
Held on Sat. 4/11, the volunteers including several Mother/Daughter teams assembled at the Pavilon in City Park at 8AM for work project assignments.

Visit the FOP web site for more workday photos.
City Park Projects:
Elmer Tyler lead a crew working in the Tree Trust trail region. Emily Hauessler, Dave Cross on the chain saw, Dick Drury and the Mother/Daughter team of Stephanie and Sydney trimmed cedar and hauled the cuttings to the street to be picked up by the City of Lakeway.
submitted by Elmer Tyler
Elmer reports on Tree Trust work (click to enlarge)
Mireille lead a crew consisting of Shirley, Lucy and Sheryl working on the Cactus Garden and Katherine's Corner in City Park.
submitted by Mireille Kirmse
Mireille reports on City Park garden work (click to enlarge)
Canyonlands Projects:
Dar lead a crew trimming back grass and brush and policing the upper loop trail. His crew was Dan Moyer, Terre Mulkey and Leah Mulkey (mother/daughter team) trimming in Canyonlands. Ole Miss volleyball signee Leah Mulkey operating the Bear Cat and replacing the cord near Buzzard's Roost, Canyonlands.
submitted by Dar Moneyhan
Canyonland trail workers Dan, Terre and Leah (photo by Dar Moneyhon) (click to enlarge)
HGB II Projects:
Bill was leading a crew filling in ruts in the primitive trails used by the Wilderness Run/Walk. The work crew was Bill Freas on the walk-behind Bobcat loader, WC Enmon and Ray Kenley were trimming branches and weeds/grass along the trail near the picnic table and water fountain. Monica and Tori Denney (mother/daugther team) along with Jim Dunn spread decomposed granite delivered by Bill to fill in ruts in the trail. We also dug in diversion ditches to re-route rain water plus put in some cedar rails in the trails to help divert water off the trails. On the way back to Squires, Bill had us load a big rock on the Bobcat as a possible base for Ken's memorial plaque.

Tony Mayata was leading a crew clearing the trail off of Squires and then joined up with Bill's crew.
submitted by Jim Dunn
Hamilton Greenbelt II trail workers Monica, Tori, Tony, George (photo by Jim Dunn) (click to enlarge)
Visit the FOP web site for more workday photos.

Carlisle and the food committee provided Firehouse sub sandwiches and homemade desserts.
submitted by Jim Dunn
Desserts provided by the Food Committee (click to enlarge)


Pat explaining opportunities (click to enlarge)
Workday Projects
Sat. 3/14
We had over 30 volunteers arrive at Pavilon at City Park at 8AM before starting on the workday projects. Visit the FOP web site for more workday photos. We worked up an appetite for the wonderful chicken enchiladas served at noon.

City Park
Emily and Jamie (click to enlarge)

Pat trimming cedar branches that were blocking the pedestrian sign at the lower parking lot. Emily Hamelwright and Jamie Leonard picking up rocks and moving them to a location where the rocks will help prevent erosion. Shirley Tyler trimmed around the benches in City Park (sorry, no photo).

We had a crew trimming dead Cedar branches in City Park and on Smith Green Belt. They were Elmer Tyler, Dave Cross, Marty Berdan and Dick Drury.
submitted by Pat McDermott

Smith Greenbelt Before rehab (click to enlarge)

The Smith Green belt was closed by the City of Lakeway on Friday, March 13 for work to begin on the replacement of the railroad tie bridge located on the Smith Greenbelt. Work on removing of the old deteriorated ties began on Friday, the day before the scheduled workday. The old railroad ties were removed with the help of City employees who were there to deliver the replacement ties and road base material. Old ties were then hauled off. FOP workers on Friday were Pat McDermott, Dave Cross, Elmer Tyler and Bernie Reding.

Bridge builders on Sat.
Tony Mataya, Mike Taylor, George Ferrie, Dennis Gans, Jeff Alt, Gary Evensen. Bernie Reding Photographer. Tony Mataya, Mike Taylor, George Ferrie, Dennis Gans, Jeff Alt, Gary Evensen. Bernie Reding Photographer (click to enlarge)

On Saturday, ground was prepared for placement of the east base tie. The west base tie was found to be solid and well anchored to the ground and was not replaced. The east base tie was then set in place and anchored with about five 3/8" X 30" rebar. Additional rebar anchors were driven for the west base tie. Nine railroad ties were used to form the top of the bridge and were attached to the base ties with 12 inch spikes (nails). Landscaping weed barrier was placed on the top of the bridge followed by about two inches of road base material. Work was completed just in time for lunch. Saturday's worker were Dennis Gans, Gary Evenson, Jeff Alt, Mike Taylor, George Ferrie, Tony Mataya and Bernie Reding. The Friday and Saturday crews all worked together to make this project a success.
submitted by Bernie Reding and Pat McDermott

Canyonlands and Hamilton Greenbelt Bob Schooler down in the Canyonlands (click to enlarge)
Bob Schooler, Dan Taylor and Dar Moneyhon removed non-native invasive species plants from the Canyon Lands. We also sprayed weed killer on an overgrown part of the Wilderness Run route in Hamilton Greenbelt. submitted by Dar Moneyhon

Explorer Trailhead Explorer trailhead workers (click to enlarge)

Dick Drury, Tom Delany, Kelly Heath, Steve and Sheryl Kelly and Jim Dunn worked on the Explorer trailhead to the Hurst Creek/Sailmaster Greenbelt trails. They cut up large cedar trees from the pile of brush left by PEC. These cedar trees were trim and cut into rails. The cedar rails were placed at an angle to the trail by digging notches in the sides of the trail. This placement will direct rain water flow from the pavement of Hurst Creek road off the trail and into the creek bed and adjoining land. Road base furnished by the City of Lakeway was placed in the eroded trail. Together with the cedar rails this forms a series of steps going down the initial grade instead of the steep rough rocky entrance we started with.
submitted by Jim Dunn

WC and Clareve serving chicken enchiladas (click to enlarge) Yummy!!!

Super chicken enchiladas (click here for recipe) were prepared and served up by W C and Clareve Enmon. Bob Sauerman brought a very large garden salad, Judy brought Spanish rice and desserts were furnished by Cindy Berdan, Doris McDermott, Donna Ferrie and Carlisle Pearson. By my plate count, it looks like we served 33 people. Thank you all for such a nice joint effort.
submitted by Judy Hazen

Friends of the Parks is a group of citizens who enjoy the rewards of volunteer service in the parks and greenbelts areas of Lakeway. Monthly Saturday morning work sessions provide opportunities for all levels of service, whether it is tree maintenance, general cleanup or tending memorial gardens at City Park. A few of the hardier members help build and maintain hiking/biking trails in the Hamilton Greenbelts and the Canyonlands Natural Area. Still others provide food for our workday picnics. For information contact Bernie Reding 512-261-5633 or email Bernie

Friends of the Parks sponsors one annual community event which is the annual Wilderness Run/Walk event on the Hamilton Greenbelt trails on the third Saturday of April. The goal of this event is to encourage citizens to get out and enjoy the beauty of the greenbelts and parks of the City of Lakeway.

Friends of the Parks of Lakeway is a 501 (c) 3, Federal Tax Exempt Organization. Donations made to this organization may be tax deductible; check with your tax advisor.

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