2007 Annual Meeting

The Friends of the Parks of Lakeway organization held its annual meeting at the Lakeway Activity Center February 22. Refreshments were served and the business meeting started at 7PM. The meeting adjourned around 8PM.

Bernie gave the Treasurer's report which shows a balance of just under six thousand dollars and sixty-six families have renewed for the year 2007. Mickey gave a "State of the FOP" including accomplishments during the past year and possible projects for the upcoming year. Janet Wright gave an update on the City's upcoming Family Park Day in May.

New business items were discussed. The annual dues were changed to $15 a year by a vote of the members present. We welcomed Cindy Berdan and Bill Freas as the new board members to fill empty seats left by recent resignations. The floor was opened to the membership for discussion of any topic and a lively discussion developed on maintenance of old trails and possible new trails in the city of Lakeway and surrounding areas.

submitted by Jim Dunn

Mickey's State of FOP message

Recognized City Council and PARC members in attendance.

Current Board Members
 o Mickey Wright - President
 o George Ferrie - Vice President
 o George Blume - Secretary
 o Bernie Reding - Treasurer
 o Jim Dunn
 o Dave DeOme
 o Lew Carlson
 o Don Whatley

Past Board Members
 o Nancy Kenley
 o Kay Kimball
 o Ron Harrist

Replacement Board Members
 o George Blume
 o Cindy Berdan - effective 2/22/07
 o George Freas - effective 2/22/07

Everyone contributes
 o Workers average above 30 each workday
 o Food
 o Donors
 o Supporters

Work Projects in the past year
 o Tree trust
 o Butterfly Garden
 o Canyonland Bridge 2 completed
 o Canyonland Bridge 3 designed and finished
 o Barnes Garden natural grass
 o Kevin's Corner Garden
 o Katteryn's Corner redone
 o The Green Shed rebuilt
 o Canoe/kayak ramp rebuilt and extended
 o Wilderness Run in the Canyonland trail (cancelled due to rain)
 o Dog Park renovated
 o Launched FOP website
 o Purchased tools and equipment
 o Cleanup the Lakeway Park beach area
 o Bird Island renovations
 o Hazen's Trail Rangers cleanup of Hamilton Greenbelt
   primitive trails
 o Coordinated with Parks and Public Works on the renovation
   of the trail areas crossed by the MUD pipelines
 o Cleanup of the Smith Greenbelt
 o Added new trail loop to the Canyonland trails
 o Wildflower seeding project in City Park
 o Erosion control with beach rocks in City Park
 o ExxonMobil retiree relationship program started
 o Redid primitive trails
 o ExxonMobil volunteers renovated Challenge Trail in City Park
 o Clean-up ice storm damaged trails
 o Food Committee delivered delicious meals

Future Park activities or trail work
 o Sailfish Park
 o North Lakeway Village
 o Lakeway Highlands
 o City Park West
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