2009 Annual Business Meeting

The Annual Meeting for the Lakeway Friends of the Park was held at the Lakeway Activity Center, January 29, 2009 and started at 6:30 p.m. with approximately 35 members in attendance. A light meal was served while the members were getting re-acquainted.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05p.m. by Chairman George Ferrie. The minutes of last year's meeting and the Treasurer's Report were approved. Current Board Members were recognized and those present were: Bernie Reding, Bill Freas, George Blume, Jim Dunn, Mickey Wright, Lorraine Tallent and Cindy Berdan, as well as George Ferrie. Pat Long and Michael Smith was not present. Thanks were given to Judy Hazen for supplying the food and drink, as always it was wonderful. George Ferrie gave a slide show review of our accomplishments for 2008 at the City Park, Hamilton Greenbelt, the Canyonlands, Our Alumni Picnic, and The Wilderness Fun Run and Walk. Discussions from the floor included Janet Wright of the Parks & Beautification committee for the FOP to add more wild flowers at the City Hall and Walk of Lights; and Bill Freas on the up coming Wilderness Walk and Fun Run which will be held on April 18, 2009. Adjournment was at 7:35 p.m.

Our guest speaker, George Cofer, from the Hill Country Conservancy described the purpose of the HCC and the new '34 Mile Walk', which is in the planning stages. This is associated with the Walk For A Day trail connecting public and private lands from Lady Bird Lake in Austin to Kyle, Texas If you are interested as a volunteer, or to learn more about this organization, go to

Hill Country Conservancy - http://www.hillcountryconservancy.org/
Walk-for-a-Day-Regional-Trail-System- http://www.hillcountryconservancy.org/walkforaday.php

Remember to join the Friends of the Park and help your neighborhood look more beautiful.
submitted by Lorraine Tallent

FOP members enjoy snacks and conversions (click to enlarge) Bruce, Bernie and Bill at the sign-up table (click to enlarge) George Ferrie opens the annual meeting (click to enlarge) Bernie Reding gives the Treasurer's report (click to enlarge) Bill Freas gives the status of the upcoming Wilderness Run (click to enlarge) Bill Freas hands out HCC CDs (click to enlarge) George Cofer of the Hill Country Conservancy(click to enlarge)

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