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FOP Board meeting scheduled for Mon. Nov. 5th, 6:30PM at LAC

Nov workday will be Sat. Nov 10th 8AM .

VolksMarch Sat. Nov. 17th 12 Noon to 4:30PM

Oct workday was Sat. Oct 13th 8AM Details here.

Sept workday was Sat. Sept 8th 8AM Details here.

FOP was in the Lakeway 4th of July Parade

Wilderness Run/Walk Sat. Apr. 21st 9AM Details here

April workday was Sat. Apr. 14th 8AM Details here

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Jan 2014 Freeze at Hurst Creek Waterfall
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October 2018

Upcoming Events
  • Sat. Oct. 13th FOP workday 8AM
  • Sat. Oct. 13th George Ferrie Memorial dedication 1:30PM at the Pavilion
  • Mon. Nov. 5th FOP Board meeting 6:30PM
  • Volksmarch up Mt. Lakeway, Nov. 17th details TBA
  • FOP Annual Business Meeting LAC Wed. Jan. 30 6PM details TBA
  • 25th Anniversary of opening of City Park April 6th 2019
  • We have a Facebook page being administered by Dan Moyer
    Lakeway Friends of the Parks
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Yaupon Creek by Bird Blind (click to enlarge)
Yaupon Creek by Bird Blind, Oct. 8, 2018. Photo by Pat McDermott
October Workday Projects
Bring gloves, rakes and water! Gather together at Pavilion upper level parking lot of City Park at 8AM to volunteer for one of the projects listed below. Our MAJOR project of the day is spreading wildflower seeds at City Park and Hamilton Greenbelt.

A very early rain on Saturday preceded our workday but in general did not hinder our projects. We had over 30 volunteers spreading seeds, clearing and repairing trails and preparing for new Purple Martin birdhouses.

o spread bluebonnet seeds in the Wildflower Meadow - done
o spread wildflower seed mixture at City Park - done
o spread bluebonnet seeds in Hamilton Greenbelt - done
o spread wildflower seed mixture in Hamilton Greenbelt - done but ran out of seeds on HGB II
o remove old bird house posts and fill in the resulting holes - done
o spread mulch by Ranger ball field - postponed
o spread mulch by George Ferrie's Memorial Swing - postponed
o trim and clean-up at the HGB I entrance - done
o work on erosion control on the HGB I/II trails - started, very long-term project
o trimming and removing Chinese tallow trees, ligustrum and poverty weed in Hamilton Greenbelt - postponed
o clearing fallen trees on the Hamilton Greenbelt Duck Lake primitive trail - done
o enjoy complementary lunch - done!!!
Yaupon Creek above Rainbow Bridge (click to enlarge)
Yaupon Creek above Rainbow Bridge, Oct. 8, 2018. Photo by Pat McDermott

September 2018

Upcoming Events
  • Sat. Sept. 8th FOP workday 8AM. Green light for starting the work day, please arrive at 8AM. It will be muddy. Will cancel if rain or lightning occurs.
  • Mon. Oct. 1st FOP Board meeting 6:30PM
  • Volksmarch up Mt. Lakeway, Nov. 2018
  • 25th Anniversary of opening of City Park April 7th 2019
  • We have a Facebook page being administered by Dan Moyer
    Lakeway Friends of the Parks
  • For those who shop on Amazon, FOP is now a listed charitable organization and can receive 0.5% of your Amazon purchase. Navigate to, login, select "Change Your Charity" and search for "Friends of the Park" located in Lakeway, TX and click on the Select button.

Visit the FOP website at for more information.

Sept. workday photos click here!
Purple Martin Houses in Austin (click to enlarge)
Purple Martin Houses coming soon to Lakeway
September Workday Projects

We were fortunate to have a break in the rain Saturday morning! Due to the soft soil from heavy rains the preceding days some projects were postponed.

Twenty seven volunteers registered and worked at various locations. Several groups worked in City Park, one group prepared the Wildflower Meadow for wildflower seeding in October. Another group repaired erosion on one of the trails near the basketball court. A third group spread mulch north of the Ranger ball field. We had three groups of volunteers cleaning up the primitive trails of the Hamilton Greenbelt and later one group touched up the Smith Greenbelt trail. One group of people patrolled the trails of the Canyonlands and did minor repairs and trimming.
FOP volunteers sign-up (click to enlarge)
Volunteers sign-up at the beginning of the workday
City Park
o Mulching north of Ranger Field
o Removing old Purple Martin bird houses - postponed to Oct.
o Wildflower Meadow Raking

Carl Christensen, Ron Moore and John Caporal repaired the upper loop trail from where it intersects with the asphalt trail leading to the Wild Flower Meadow. They installed cedar rails in the trail to divert water off the crushed granite path. They also cleaned up silt off the asphalt trail.
submitted by Carl Christensen

In preparation for wildflowers in the Wildflower Meadow next spring, FOP volunteers raked dead grass and weeds from the meadow's surface so seeds can make good contact with the ground. Seeding should happen no later than our next workday in October. Volunteers who participated were: Dave Cross, John Wilkins, Bob Sauerman and Bernie Reding. Later in the work session, Dan Moyer, Kimberly Nordhoff and Pat McDermott joined the crew. High humidity and heat made working conditions not too pleasant.
submitted by Bernie Reding
Erosion and silt at City Park (click to enlarge)
Volunteers clean-up silt and control erosion at City Park. Photo by Carl C.
HGB I & II and Smith Greenbelt
o HGB trail maintenance
o HGB primitive trail maintenance

Bob Kirmse, Mike Light, Mike Taylor and Dar Moneyhon entered Hamilton Greenbelt at Squires, walked all trails down to Hurst Creek and over to Hurst Hollow. They checked for erosion, trimmed branches over hanging the trails and used a weed eater to cut high grass.
submitted by Dar Moneyhon

Jim Dunn, Mireille Kirmse, Allison Winchester and Sondra Morton spread the mulch pile provided by the City of Lakeway on bare earth north of the Ranger ballfield. We were joined by two middle schoolers Briannah and Larson Noak and their mother at the Golfcrest trailhead in the Hamiton Greenbelt. We trimmed back limbs and weeds along the trail towards the Overlook. We cleaned out the culvert at upper crossing of the creek. At the Overlook we stopped to take pictures of the group plus Mike Light and Bob Kirmse who where part of Dar's trail crew. We proceeded southward and downhill towards the bird blind cleaning up some deadfall across the trail just before it joined the small loop. Next we cleaned out the two culverts at the creek leading to the Bird Blind. Next stop was the Bird Blind and we did see a few birds and lots of flowing water in Yaupon Creek. We traveled back uphill to the Golfcrest trail head, got in our vehicles. On the way back to City Park, Jim, Mireille, Allison and Sondra stopped at the Smith Greenbelt and patroled the short 1/4 mile trail with some minor trimming and clean-up of the wooden bridge. Back in our vehicles we continued to City Park and joined the lunch in progress!
submitted by Jim Dunn
FOP volunteers pause at the Overlook in Hamilton Greenbelt (click to enlarge)
FOP volunteers Sondra, Allison, Bob, Mireille, Mike, and Noak family pause at the Overlook in Hamilton Greenbelt.
o Clean-up/repair trail from arched railing bridge up to the canyon rim
o Bisset Drive trailhead, clean up George Ferrie Memorial Swing site

Dan Moyer, Kim Nordhoff, Michael Smith, Lisa Weidenbach. Larry Yancey and Becky Gernand, a mixture of FOP members, friends and members of the mountain bike community went to the Canyonland trails at the beginning of the workday. We showed up to Canyonlands to fix a part of the trail we were told was damaged but we arrived to find the trail in good shape. We ended up walking the small loop in the Canyonlands and pruned back the "eye pokers" and touched up the trails. We popped out of the canyon by George Ferrie's Memorial swing and cleaned up the clump of trees around it. Afterwards, since we finished early, we met up with Bernie's crew and helped rake the wildflower meadow in City Park.
submitted by Dan Moyer
FOP volunteers trim around George Ferrie's memorial swing in Canyonlands (click to enlarge)
FOP volunteers trim around George Ferrie's memorial swing in Canyonlands. Photo by Dan M.
I am grateful for our food committee who came through on a last minute notice to provide sandwiches, salads and desserts. Thank you - Kathleen Christensen, Deb Caporal, Doris and Pat McDermott, Ximena and Bob Sauerman, Donna Ferrie anf Lynn Moore. You are the best!
submitted by Judy Hazen
Build your own sandwich (click to enlarge)
Build your own sandwich at the Pavilion
Sept. workday photos click here!

We enjoyed being in the Lakeway 4th of July Parade and our entry received Honorable Mention!

FOP July 4th Parade (click to enlarge)
FOP July 4th Parade Rake Drill Team

George Ferrie Memorial Swing has been installed in the Canyonlands near the Bisset Court trail head.

  George's Swing (click to enlarge)
George's Memorial Swing located in the Canyonlands, photo by Donnie Ferrie

MUD construction along Canyonlands rim trail has been completed.

Canyonlands Construction (click to enlarge)
Canyonlands Construction, MUD installed new pipeline during the summer months.

25th Anniversary of opening of City Park April 6th 2019,


May 2018

Upcoming Events
  • Sat. May 12th FOP workday 8AM
  • No meetings or workdays scheduled for the months of June, July and August
  • We have a Facebook page being administered by Dan Moyer
    Lakeway Friends of the Parks
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Visit the FOP website at for more information.
Mulching Crew (click to enlarge)
Mulching Crew Doris, Mireille, Mike, Archie and Gary Photo by Bill Freas
Bring gloves and water! Gather together at Pavilion upper level parking lot of City Park at 8AM to volunteer for one of the projects listed below.

May Workday Projects

City Park
o Wood chips/mulching north of Ranger Field - Bill and Tony
o Mowing - Carl
o Agave trimming, storm damage clean up - Bernie
o Butterfly Garden - Wayne
o Barnes Garden - Pat, if HGB I project finishes early

o Entrance landscaping - Pat and Jerry
o storm damage clean up as needed

o Trophy Drive trailhead, set post in concrete - Dan
o Bisset Drive trailhead, clean up George Ferrie site - Dan

20th Annual Wilderness Run and Walk

Friends of the Parks of Lakeway

The weather forecast for Saturday was for a chance of rain but when the morning came there was no rain, just overcast skies and mild temperatures. The team of volunteers completed the setup of the start/finish line and started registering runners and walkers. MC Anthony Coley played music and made announcement from 8AM to 9AM. Just prior to the start of the race Camp Gladiators, one of our sponsors, helped the runners and walkers warm-up with a series of exercises.

Bill Freas had a few directions for the runners and walkers as they gathered at the start line. By 9 o'clock we had 66 registered participants with 19 people signed-up for the tougher 5 mile course. Bill said "Ready, set and bang" and the runners and walkers took off on the Hamilton Greenbelt decomposed granite covered trail. The course has a 3 mile segment that is mostly on improved granite covered trails while the 5 mile segment has about 2 miles of primitive trails that go up and down the canyons of Hurst Creek.

Photos of the entire event click here.

Thanks to the professional artist, June Jurcak of Pagosa Springs, CO who allowed us to use a portion of her watercolor picture of a roadrunner for this year's tee shirts. June is a personal friend of long time FOP members W C and Clareve Enmon. Note that Judy will have available for sale some of June's artwork at the May workday. Note cards will be $3.50 per card and envelope and are suitable for framing.

Thanks to the City of Lakeway for providing the sound equipment, trailers and other services. Thanks to Lance Eilers, Lynn Kirchenbauer and Dallas Gorman from Lakeway Parks and Recreation for their support and assistance.

Aloha Austin provided sample smoothies before and after the Run/Walk, very good tasty treat!

Starbucks provided several traveler containers of coffee, thanks.

Congratulations to Sheryl and all our hard working volunteers and sponsors for making this our best Wilderness Run/Walk on record.

Thanks to Ingrid and Ernest Altgelt for once again hosting the Luncheon after the Wilderness Run.

2018 Wilderness Run T-Shirt (click to enlarge)
The 2018 Wilderness Run T-Shirt design by artist, June Jurcak of Pagosa Springs, CO.

Video of the start of the 2018 Run/Walk from our Facebook page.

Ron Massa, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Lakeway congratulated the winners in each category and handed them their medal for their outstanding performance. Mayor Joe Bain was scheduled to be at the Run/Walk but was taken ill so Ron did an excellent job up on the stage.
Photos of the awards click here.
Download the PDF.

3 mile winners
#27 Harlow Davila 27:03 10 and under female
#14 Emma Taylor 49:12 11 to 14 female
#3 Savanch Wright 21:45 15 to 35 female
#5 Jennifer Wright 22:17 36 to 59 female
#37 Terri Mitchell 32:17 60 and over female

#39 Luke Driscoll 32:54 10 and under male
#15 Nick Orlousky 18:37 11 to 14 male
#32 Evan Brassom 20:55 15 to 35 male
#28 Shay Wright 21:25 36 to 59 male
#9 Larry Young 23:39 60 and over male

5 mile winners
#77 Victoria Waite 44:40 26 to 40 female
Jami O'Brien 49:32 41 and over female

Coby O'Brien 38:30 under 25 male
Dan Moyer 38:45 26 to 40 male
David Johnson 43:15 41 and over male

2018 Wilderness Run winner photos (click to enlarge)
The 2018 Wilderness Run winner's award ceremony.

2018 Wilderness Run water irises (click to enlarge)
Water Irises at the entrance to Hamilton Greenbelt. Photo by Judy Hazen

Friends of the Parks of Lakeway is pleased to announce this year’s signature sponsors: The Eitel Group at Keller Williams Realty and Camp Gladiator.

Other sponsors are
ExxonMobile Foundation,
The Enmon Family,
Independent Bank,
Lupton Irrigation,
B2B Copies & Printing,
Fifield Dental Center,
Lakeway Dental Office,
Wildbird Center of Lakeway,
Dr. Stacy Miller, Orthodontist,
Taylor, Brodnax & Karnes, P.C.,
Lakecountry Insurance Agency, LLC,
Eaddy Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry
Lakeway Eye Physicians & Surgeons, PA,


April Workday Projects

The workday started on Sat. 3/10 at 8AM at the Pavilion located at the upper parking lot of City Park. 38 volunteers signed in during the morning. The temperature at 8AM was a cool 48 and we had clear skies all morning.

City Park
o Butterfly Garden Wayne and Kathie King plus three LTHS students moved mulch from a pick-up to the Butterfly Garden. Wayne commented that he got tired just watching the LTHS volunteers spread mulch among the plants.

Hamilton Greenbelt
o HGB I entrance
There were 15 workers at this location. They were Pat McDermott, Shirley Tyler, Mary Ann Moore, Carol Ferree, Kathleen Christensen, Allison Winchester, Linda Mackie, Doris McDermott, Sondra Morton, Dave Cross, Ron Moore and Jerry Cooper. National Charity League members Avery, Alexis and Amy Herbock were part of the work group.

The group was working at the entrance to Hamilton Greenbelt off of Lohmann's Crossing. They cut down unwanted trees and bushes, trimmed dead branches, cleaned the pond, pulled out vines, dug out unwanted bushes and weeded.
submitted by Jerry Cooper

Jerry Cooper and Kathleen Christensen lead a large group of FOP member volunteers and a group of mothers/daughters from the National Charity League in a project to cleanup the garden at the entrance to Hamilton Green Belt. We left several brush piles at the Garden of the Four Seasons near the entrance to Hamilton Green Belt. There are several large piles on the right side trail near the restrooms and some smaller piles on the left side of the trail.
submitted by Pat McDermott

o Bird Blind
A crew consisting of Dennis Gans, John Caporal, Mike Light, Carl Christensen and Bernie Reding performed the following work at the Birdwatching Blind:
1. Completed installation of piping from the blind roof to the 500 gallon rainwater collection tank.
2. Dug ditch and buried a 1/2 inch poly water line from the rainwater collection tank valve to the location of the yet-to-be installed pond with water feature.
3. Installed cedar posts vertically around the perimeter of the rainwater collection tank. These limbs
were collected from a Firewise project in City Park.
submitted by Bernie Reding

o Wilderness Run trail clean-up
Team 1 was Dar Moneyhon assisted by three workers Emily Haeussler, Larry Yancey and Elmer Tyler. They worked on clearing of the WR route. They removed some cedars and other trees where a cedar elm has partially fallen across the trail. The cleared area forms an arch over the trail. The group then merged with Bill Freas' group at the end of the jeep trail from Squires Court.
Team 2 was Bill Freas along with Ed Lalone and Archie Ruatto. Bill and his group drove the City's Kubota with decomposed granite to the picnic table/water fountain area in the old cut area. They repaired the trails with the granite. The group then merged with Dar Moneyhon's group at the end of the Squires Court Jeep Trail.
Squires Court Jeep Trail Repair The City of Lakeway dumped a load of decomposed granite at the end of the Jeep Trail. The combined team used picks, shovels and rakes to trench across the eroded trail. Elmer cut long cedar limbs to place in the trenches. Bill used the Kubota as a large wheel barrel and dumped granite on each cedar rail placed across the trail. Rakes and shovels and tamper were used to shape the granite into a smooth, compacted surface. In addition a new ditch was trenched along the uphill side of the trail to prevent run-off from crossing the trail.
Team 3 was Jim Dunn who was later joined by Larry Yancey. They tied back a branch of the Eve's Necklace tree on the main Hamilton Greenbelt I trail near the Blue Hole. Jim was driving the City's white Ranger to navigate the trails and haul equipment such as picks, rakes, shovels, tampers, ladders and a wheelbarrow to the various work sites.

Thanks the City of Lakeway Parks and Recreation Department for the use of the Ranger, Kubota and granite. We used up all the decomposed granite that was dumped at the end of the Squires Court jeep trail. It was just enough for the trail repairs in that area.

The trail looks to be in good shape for the Wilderness Run, thanks to your guys for work on the main trails since the last big rain.
submitted by Bill Freas and Jim Dunn

o Erosion control : The dynamic duo of Dan Moyer and Tony Mataya worked on the trail by the restroom and did some erosion control near the Trophy Dr. trail head. As a side job they moved a large old CRT TV found along the trail back to the Canyonlands FOP shed. After finishing their project in the Canyonlands they traveled over to HGB to offer assistance where needed.

Lunch at the Pavilion
o Judy and team set up a large buffet of salads including potato salad, ramen bokchoy salad, pasta salad, fruit salad, chicken salad, mixed green salad and taco salad along with cheese rolls and garlic bread. Desserts were available as well.

Many thanks to our cooks who served a great salad bar this time! Kathleen Christensen, Debbie Caporal, Doris McDermott, Clare Freas, Mary Betty Douglas, Lynne Moore, Donna Ferrie, Sheryl Kelly and Carlisle Pearson. We outdid ourselves this time!
submitted by Judy Hazen

The National Charity League donated a large supply of gardening and trimming tools. Five people from the group of twenty assisted FOP on several workday projects. Angie and Janison Wheeler along with Avery, Alexis and Amy Herbock.

Paint brush (click to enlarge)
Paint brush

April 2018

Upcoming Events
  • Sat. Apr. 7th Firewise Event at City Park
  • Sat. Apr. 14th FOP workday 8AM, Details will be posted Wed. 4/11.
  • Sat. Apr. 21st 20th Annual Wilderness Run at 9AM at HGB I entrance
  • We have a Facebook page being administered by Dan Moyer
    Lakeway Friends of the Parks
  • For those who shop on Amazon, FOP is now a listed charitable organization and can receive 0.5% of your Amazon purchase.
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Visit the FOP website at for more information.
Volunteers (click to enlarge)
Volunteers at City Park fire fuel reduction (Firewise) location. Photo by Bob K.

March 2018

Upcoming Events
  • The March workday was held Sat. 3/10 starting at 8AM at the Pavilion in City Park. We had close to forty volunteers working at several venues in the Park and Canyonlands. The weather was a tad warm but we finished before the temperature climbed into the low 90s.
  • The 20th Wilderness Run/Walk will be Sat. April 21st, save the date!
  • Mar. workday photos click here!
  • We have a Facebook page being administered by Dan Moyer
    Lakeway Friends of the Parks
  • For those who shop on Amazon, FOP is now a listed charitable organization and can receive 0.5% of your Amazon purchase.
    Navigate to, login, select "Change Your Charity" and search for "Friends of the Park" located in Lakeway, TX
    and click on the Select button.

Visit the FOP website at for more information.
A early bluebonnet (click to enlarge)
A early bluebonnet in City Park. Photo by Jim
March Workday Projects
A big group volunteers assembled at the Pavilion, upper parking lot of City Park on Sat. 3/10. We were able to work a number of projects as we had thirty-four volunteers sign in at 8AM.

Volunteers start the day (click to enlarge)
Volunteers start the day by gathering near the Pavilion. Photo by Dan
City Park

David Connor, Dennis Gans, John Wilkins and Bernie Reding cleared brush from in between large boulders located near neighbors iron fence. Then proceeded to the lake side of the park where brush was cleared from around trees and along the cliff above Lake Travis. Small brush piles were placed along the upper and lower paved trails in City Park.

Jim Dunn delivered a load of decomposed granite (thanks to the City of Lakeway for the Kubota and granite) which was placed around a sitting rock in the Wildflower Meadow and also in front of two park benches.

submitted by Bernie

Wayne and Kathie King along with Cindy Berdan, Doris McDermott, and Kathleen Christensen worked in the Butterfly Garden removing dead growth from last year. The pickup bed was filled up very high. April work will include mulching and other envirgorating activities.

submitted by Kathie and Wayne

Butterfly Garden (click to enlarge)
Butterfly Garden workers clearing out old dead growth. Photo by Jim
Bob Kirmse and Elmer Tyler had a large group of volunteers working north of the Ranger ball field cutting down small cedars, placing cedar limbs on an eroded slope and piling up brush. Linda Mackie, Allison Winchester, Carol Ferree, John Caporal, Dave Cross, Carl Christianson, Mireille Kirmse, Lorraine Tallant, Carrie Burns, Christi Nicolay, Mike Light and Shirley Tyler all work on this project. Elmer says "A fun time was had by all. Four rows of limbs were laid and secured in place to reduce erosion on the incline on the north side of the ball field. Cedars up to four inches in diameter were felled. Remaining cedars were limbed up to six feet to remove flammables. This is is to prepare for the Firewise Event scheduled for April 7. Shorter, twisted limbs were hauled and stacked aong the access road making a pile eight feet high and 250 feet long!!! Nobody wanted to leave such fun, but we quit and enjoyed a great lunch."

submitted by Elmer

Thanks to Carrie Burns, City of Lakeway Forester, for her assistance, providing supplies and directions. This activity was in cooperation with the Firewise Initiative. A Firewise Event was held Sat. Apr. 7th which chipped the large brush pile into mulch which was put on the prepared eroded slope.
More photos from the workday.
Cedar trimmers (click to enlarge)
Taking a break next to Ranger Field in City Park. Team is Marianne, Linda, Lorraine, Mike, Elmer, Mireille, Bob(hiding behind cedar pile) and Dave. Photo by Allison
o No work done this workday in the HGB.

HGB I entrance pond (click to enlarge)
HGB I entrance pond, April workday will landscape in this area. Photo by Jim
Steve Kelly Memorial
Work has been completed on the Steve Kelly Memorial table. This was a joint project with the City of Lakeway and Friends of the Parks to honor our late FOP member who volunteered many hours developing trails and bridges in the Canyonland area. The table is located in the Canyonlands just below the restroom at the crossroads to the descent into the Canyonland canyon or the Rim trail.

Steve Kelly Memorial table (click to enlarge)
Steve Kelly Memorial table located in the Canyonlands. Photo by Jim
Dan Moyer and Tony Mataya took a group of workers into the Canyonlands. Mike Schlageter and several other local mountain bikers including middle school and high school students joined the group. They filled in a deeply eroded trail near the restroom with roadbase supplied by the City of Lakeway. They also build a short bypass trail around the section of the trail being repaired. Access to the old portion of the trail has been blocked. Additional erosion control features semi-buried cedar rails to divert rain water off the trail and into natural drainage.
Restoration of vegatation and erosion control in partnership with the City of Lakeway

A work crew put the finishing touch that eroded section. They topped it with some top soil and then put grass seed and curlex to hold it in place. It rained a lot shortly after this and we were able to take advantage of some rain water to get the seed going.

submitted by Lance Eilers City of Lakeway Parks Superintendent

New bypass trail (click to enlarge)
New bypass trail near the Canyonlands restroom. The old trail has been closed and is being reseeded. Photo by Dan
Trail head clean-up at Trophy Dr. Pat worked at the trailhead trimming grass around the two planters. Teresa Clark picked up trash and debris.

Picking up trash (click to enlarge)
Teresa picking up trash at the Canyonlands trailhead. Photo by Jim
Lunch at the Pavilion
Everyone appreciated the hot hamburgers and warn baked beans plus the sides. Food was provided by
Hamburgers and toppings - Judy Hazen; baked beans- Kathleen Christensen and Donna Ferrie (Donna spilled the beans in the trunk of her car on the way to the park, see her story below); Desserts - Sheryl Kelly, Doris McDermott, Marshi Young, Carol Ferree, and Mary Betty Douglas. Doris McDermott provided ice and drinks which is always appreciated.
Earlier, I alluded to yesterday's near culinary catastrophe of a crock pot full of borracho beans tipping over in the trunk of my car in transport to the Friends of the Park picnic.

Luckily I was able to save half of it which I had doctored up with bacon, grilled onions, sirracha, etc. I also had some extra cans at home I could heat up in the microwave then bring back to the picnic of 30 volunteers. Yes, the extra beans were needed and much appreciated.

Based on the clean up alone, I will never make the same mistake again. Until Judy Leyda Hazen our long-time crew chef mentioned it, it never occurred to me to put the crock pot in a box, so it wouldn't tip over. I brought a box with me back to the picnic, and "boxing the crock pot" worked like a charm.

So to avoid a similar messy clean up, I'm sharing this great, simple idea.

Donna Ferrie

More photos from the workday.
Judy serving (click to enlarge)
Judy serving hot hamburgers! Photo by Jim
Birding Blind
Bernie Reding, Pat McDermott and Carl Christensen purchased a 500 gallon water storage tank and transported it to the birding blind the week after our Sat. workday. The ground was prepared and 13 bags of cement were mixed in the wheelbarrow to make four foot diamater concrete base for the tank. At the next workday they plan to install a water line to the bird watering feature and encircle the black tank with cedar rails to camouflage it.
New water tank (click to enlarge)
New water tank storage tanke being installed at the birding blind. Photo by Pat

February 2018

Upcoming Events
  • February workday was Sat. 2/10 starting at 8AM at the Pavilion in City Park.
  • The 20th Wilderness Run/Walk will be Sat. April 21st, save the date!
  • We have a Facebook page being administered by Dan Moyer
    Lakeway Friends of the Parks
  • For those who shop on Amazon, FOP is now a listed charitable organization and can receive 0.5% of your Amazon purchase.
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Visit the FOP website at for more information.
LCC awards FOP (click to enlarge)
The Lakeway Civic Corporation (LCC) awarded FOP a plaque for our generous contribution of time, talent and efforts for the betterment of the Lakeway Community on Feb. 6, 2018.
February Workday Projects
We had over thirty volunteers working at City Park in two locations, two crews in Hamilton Greenbelt and one crew in Canyonlands plus the people working in the Pavilion to provide lunch.

View photos from the workday.
2018 FOP Board (click to enlarge)
Your FOP board in suit jackets!
City Park Projects:
The City Park crew working in the south end of the park completed clearing brush and some cedar limbs between the upper trail and neighbor’s back yard fences. The task was finished well before lunch break. The extra time allowed for some mowing on the lake side of the park. Workers were Ron Moore, Bob Sauerman, Kathleen and Carl Christensen, John Wilkins, Teresa Clark, Dennis Gans, David Conner and Bernie Reding
submitted by Bernie Reding

Elmer Tyler and Dave Cross worked with eight volunteers as they started a Firewise clearing of trees located on the north end of City Park. Elmer and Dave used chainsaws to limb up cedars and remove ones under 4” in diameter on the north end of City Park to reduce flammables. Eight willing and able helpers trimmed small branches and dragged cuttings to the curb and stacked them. Great job! Workers were Marianne, Bob, Mike, Allison, Linda, Lorraine, Mireille, Dave, Elmer and Shirley.
submitted by Shirley Tyler

Thanks to the City of Lakeway's Parks Department and Bernie a large rock was placed near the south end of the Wildflower Meadow. The rock is intended as a place for people to sit when the wildflowers are in bloom without stepping or sitting on the wildflowers during a photo shoot.
submitted by Jim Dunn

Carl mowing grass (click to enlarge)
Carl Christensen using 36 inch mower. Photo by Bernie Reding.

Cedar trimming crew (click to enlarge)
Cedar trimming team : Marianne, Bob, Mike, Elmer, Allison, Linda, Lorraine, Mireille and Dave. Photo by Shirley Tyler.
Canyonlands Project:
Dan Moyer, Thom Flowers, Sharon and Hannah Homoya and Jim Dunn removed stumps from the Steve Kelly memorial site along the Rim Trail in CL. Then we repaired the trail by buzzard tower where an electrical contractor had cut in an access road. Finally worked on "V" shape gully trail just past the restroom. We added two water diverters and looked possible location for a bypass trail while allowing healing/repairing of the heavily eroded trail.
submitted by Jim Dunn
Canyonland crew removing stumps (click to enlarge)
Canyonland workers removing stumps at the Steve Kelly Memorial site. Photo by Dan Moyer
Hamilton Greenbelt Activities
Tony Mataya, Bob Kirmse and Dar Moneyhon cut and removed ligustrum and some dead cedars by the Sailmaster Waterfall and cut ligustrum by the small waterfall near the entrance of Hamilton Greenbelt, where we were joined by Bill and his crew, who helped finish the work there.
submitted by Dar Moneyhon

Archie Ruatto, Gary Evensen and Bill Freas moved a large pile of brush located near the bird blind to the area accessible for City pickup. We then joined Dar's team to help take out invasive ligustrum near the HGB 1 Waterfalls.
submitted by Bill Freas
Menu for February workday was Italian Sausage Subs with sides of Pasta Salad (Debbie Caporal); Pea Salad (Kathleen Christensen); Fruit Salad (Mary Douglas); and Coleslaw (Judy Hazen.) Those Fantastic Desserts came from Marshi Young; Sheryl Kelly; Carlisle Pearson; Clare Freas; Ximena Sauerman; and Donna Ferrie. McDermotts brought the beverages and ice. At least we got to enjoy the meal before that wintry blast rolled in. Thank you to all who contributed to our picnic!
submitted by Judy Hazen

View photos from the workday.
Lunch (click to enlarge)
The dessert table. Photo by Dan Moyer

January 2018

Total lunar eclipse over Lakeway on 1/31/2018 (click to enlarge)

Progression of the total lunar eclipse that occured early Jan. 31, 2018. It has been called a super blue blood moon. Photo by Jim Dunn

January 2018

Lake Travis Jan. 12, 2018 from Lucy's (click to enlarge)


was held on Wednesday, January 31, 2018. We had seventy-eight people in attendance.

Bill Reiner, Balcones Canyonlands Preserve (click to enlarge) The Friends of the Parks (FOP) Annual Membership Meeting will be held at the Lakeway Activity Center, 105 Cross Creek, Lakeway TX 78734. The program will begin with Registration at 6 p.m., a BBQ dinner will be served at 6:30. Following the dinner there will be business meeting at 7:00 and guest speaker at 7:30. The dinner is free for paid up members and $10 for non-members. The annual membership of $15 per family can be paid at registration. You must make a reservation for the BBQ by Tuesday, January 23, 2018 by contacting Bernie Reding at 512-261-5633 or

Bill Reiner, a biologist, for the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve is the guest speaker. The Balcones Canyonlands Preserve is not one single tract of land but a system of preserves that exists as a multi-agency conservation effort operating under a regional 10(a) permit issued under the Endangered Species Act by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife service. Photos of a hike guided by Bill Reiner in October of 2017 are HERE.

Friends of the Parks is an all-volunteer 501(C)(3) non-profit organization of men and women that build and maintain trails and gardens in the City's Parks and Greenbelts. Workdays are held the 2nd Saturday of the month (excluding June-August). The volunteer workdays begin at 8:00 and end at approximately 11:45 a.m. A picnic lunch is provided at the City Park Pavilion following each workday. FOP also holds its Annual Wilderness Fun Run/Walk at Hamilton Greenbelt in mid-April.

Come join your neighbors in the great outdoors and help improve the parks and greenbelts for walking, hiking, jogging and biking.

Submitted by:
Patrick McDermott
Chairman of Lakeway FOP

January Workday Projects
Saturday Jan. 13th workday has been CANCELLED by the FOP Board due to concerns about the weather, unexpected illnesses and planned absences. See you at the Annual membership meeting Wed. 1/31 starting at 6PM.

Volunteers are asked to arrive at the Pavilon in City Park at 8AM Saturday Jan. 13th to assist on several projects around Lakeway's parks and greenbelts.

1) City Park trail weeding and trimming
2) HGB trail work, brush piles and entrance garden trimming
3) Canyonland clearing of down trees on pond trail and spreading crushed granite.
4) Lunch will be sausage wraps, sides and desserts

Bernie will be collecting FOP dues for 2018. Please bring checks or Bernie will have $5's for making change for $20's.

Please consider joining the Lakeway Activity Center for 2018. Membership for a Lakeway family is $25. FOP is aiming for 80% participation from our members. FOP enjoys several benefits if we reach the 80% goal.
Icicles (click to enlarge)
Did you get down to Hamilton Greenbelt to see the icicles and frostweeds during our cold snap? More Cold Photos by Jim Dunn
Upcoming Events
  • The Travis Audubon will host a 4 hour class January 27, from 9:00 to 1:15 titled "Back Yard Birding." Jane Tillman, who has presented at a previous FOP annual membership meeting, will be leading the class. Here's the info on Travis Audubon Society's web page. The fee is $20 for Travis Audubon members, $25 for non-members.
  • Annual Membership meeting will be Wed. Jan. 31th 6PM
  • We have a Facebook page being administered by Dan Moyer
    Lakeway Friends of the Parks
  • For those who shop on Amazon, FOP is now a listed charitable organization and can receive 0.5% of your Amazon purchase.
    Navigate to, login, select "Change Your Charity" and search for "Friends of the Park" located in Lakeway, TX
    and click on the Select button.
Visit the FOP website at for more information.

New Trail Maps for the Parks of Lakeway

The website link that takes you to the Parks Interactive Map page is Interactive Map Link.

This link will take you directly to the Canyonlands trails: Canyonlands. I hope it loads for you this time. If it hangs up while loading, try hitting Refresh or Reload in your browser.

When you click on the trails, the trail name and distance will show in a popup box. Hikers can track their location on their smartphone by tapping the crosshairs.

The Boy Scouts will map the emergency markers, scenic views and other amenities in the Canyonlands one Saturday in October (date to be determined). If I can GPS all of the smaller Canyonlands trails Thursday morning, then I should be able to add them into the online interactive map by next week.

Thanks so much for keeping the Friends of the Parks informed. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any more questions and concerns.

Carrie Burns, Forester
City of Lakeway

Friends of the Parks is a group of citizens who enjoy the rewards of volunteer service in the parks and greenbelts areas of Lakeway. Monthly Saturday morning work sessions provide opportunities for all levels of service, whether it is tree maintenance, general cleanup or tending memorial gardens at City Park. A few of the hardier members help build and maintain hiking/biking trails in the Hamilton Greenbelts and the Canyonlands Natural Area. Still others provide food for our workday picnics. For information contact Bernie Reding 512-261-5633 or email Bernie

Friends of the Parks sponsors one annual community event which is the annual Wilderness Run/Walk event on the Hamilton Greenbelt trails on the third Saturday of April. The goal of this event is to encourage citizens to get out and enjoy the beauty of the greenbelts and parks of the City of Lakeway.

Friends of the Parks of Lakeway is a 501 (c) 3, Federal Tax Exempt Organization. Donations made to this organization may be tax deductible; check with your tax advisor.

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