4th of July Parade '23

Previous Parade Entries

2023 4th of July Participants - Tom Sidwa, Bernie Reding, Kim Moyer, Dave Cross, Carlisle Pearson, Carol Linn, Jim Dunn, Dan Moyer, and Pat McDermott

Tom, Bernie and Dan

Carlisle, Kim and Carol

Tom Sidwa

Bernie and Pat

Dave Cross and Pat

Carlisle and Bernie

Tom and Pat

Dan, Bernie, Carlisle, Carol, Dave, Pat, Jim, and Tom

Carlisle and Bernie

Photo Courtesy of Hannah Milford Grady

Tom and Pat with the Banner, Carol and Jim with the rakes

Photo Courtesy of Hannah Milford Grady

Bernie driving the cart, with Carlisle as passenger and Dave Cross on the back

Tom, Carol and Pat

Kim tossing candy from the back of the truck

Bernie and Carlisle

Kim tossing candy

Jim and Carol

Dan driving the truck