October '23 Workday

Volunteers check out the solar eclipse during lunch.

Tom Sidwa removing excess vegetation.

Group clearing out downed trees near the Palos Verdes bridge.

Jack Everts, Unknown, Tom Sidwa, Chris Forton and son, Steve Bigus and Carl Christensen

Mike Light trimming brush at CP

Tom, Carl and Chris

Tom, Carl and Chris

Yvonne and Isabella 

Kaitlynn Forton, Doris McDermott, Carla Capps, Michelle Forton

BJ Livingston, Kaitlynn Forton, Michelle Forton

Sondra Morton

Kaitlynn Forton, Michelle Forton, Carla Capps

Kaitlynn Forton, Sondra Morton(in back), Kathleen Christensen, Michelle Forton

Pat McDermott

Michelle Forton, Kaitlynn Forton, Carla Capps

Carla Capps, BJ Livingston

Kaitlynn Forton

Carla Capps, Sondra Morton

Tom Kilgore trimming brush

Suzie and Max Pankonien, Unknown, Unknown, and Caren Kilgore